Orisa Will Not Be Available To Play in Competitive Mode For One Week Following Her Release

Makes sense

Overwatch’s newest hero Orisa has just launched for PC and console today and many players are excited to play as the new tank. Unfortunately, fans need to wait a bit longer to play her in competitive mode of the game as she is disabled for competitive mode for a week. The reasoning behind this, is that the Overwatch team want their players to to have a chance to play as her and get a feel for her and her kit before they use her in a competitive match.

Orisa’s time in the PTR has nothing to do with this decision, as this all comes down to them not wanting inexperienced Orisa players to use a competitive match to “try out” out the new hero and possibly hurt their teammate’s SR in the process. Orisa can still be played in Quick Play and Arcade Mode for those who have not tried her out yet. She will be live for competitive play starting March 28.

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