This New Widowmaker Statue is Perfect for the Sniper Main in Your Life

Widowmaker Overwatch

No one can hide from my sight

Blizzard has just announced they are releasing a handcrafted and hand-painted Widowmaker statue that is perfect for the sniper in your life. The statue is 13.5 inches with a 7.5 inch base and features the Overwatch hero in her Default skin. The level of detail in the piece is incredible and really makes the deadly assassin come to life.

The Widowmaker statue is priced at $150 and due to fact that each piece is made by hand, there will naturally be a slight variance in each figure that gets shipped. The Widowmaker statue is currently only available for pre-order and there is a limit to only 2 per customer. There is currently no concrete date for when pre-orders will be shipped out, but they are planned to be shipped out sometime from July to September of this year. You can pre-order the statue for yourself on Blizzard’s official gear site.

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