Shadow of War’s First Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Overhauled Nemesis System

middle-earth: shadow of war, troy baker, talion

War is coming.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was announced earlier this month and Tolkien fans everywhere can’t wait to step back into Mordor and start slaying Orcs as the deadly Ranger Talion. The game was first announced with a cinematic trailer but now publisher Warner Bros has released the gameplay video.

Featuring alpha gameplay, the video shows off some gameplay taken from several hours into the game. The world map shows a vast land that players will need to conquer by raising their own army. The Nemesis System returns and enemies you’ve previously encountered will remember their history with you.

The free-running system also returns and players can scale castle walls to reach new heights and gain a vantage point above the enemy. The video then shows off how players can take control of a Drake to unleash fire upon the battlefield and fly to new heights. Check out the video for yourself below:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 25.

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