Michael Shannon is Leading the Shortlist to Play Cable in Deadpool 2

General Zod as Cable? Why not

Oscar nominee Michael Shannon is currently the frontrunner to play Cable in Fox’s Deadpool 2. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Michael Shannon is not the only actor they are considering for the role, as actor David Harbor has reportedly already done a screen test for it, but Shannon is currently leading the shortlist for it.

Michael Shannon is no stranger to comic book movie adaptations as many fans might remember his role as General Zod in the DC Superman movie, Man of Steel. While, General Zod has been seen in the past outside of comic books, the character of Cable has been rarely seen outside of the comic medium.

Casting for Deadpool 2 seems to be underway as Ryan Reynolds has confirmed to be reprising his role for the film and Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz has been cast as the mercenary, Domino. Deadpool 2 is slated to be released sometime in 2018. You can watch the teaser trailer here.

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