Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Increase Inventory Size and Carry More Weapons

How to Increase Inventory Size in Mass Effect Andromeda

While exploring the various planets available in Mass Effect Andromeda, you’ll often find that you need to bring more stuff, particularly weapons. Your capabilities in the beginning aren’t the worst, as you’re able to carry two weapons, but eventually, you’ll see that it’s not enough and you’ll need the ability to carry more. Luckily, there’s a way to increase your weapon inventory.

If you go into Skills and take a look under Combat, you’ll notice a branch called Combat Fitness. Upgrading this particular branch will allow you to carry more weapons while you’re out exploring. Rank 3 in the Combat Fitness gives you the perk extra holster letting you bring a third firearm out onto the field. The top option for Rank 5 does the same, increasing your usable weapon inventory by one.

You’ll need a few Skill Points to unlock these, so make sure that you’re out completing missions and killing enemies so you can earn some XP. Eventually, you’ll be able to step out with a full arsenal, capable of destroying anyone in your way.

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