New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Provides A Look At Golden Worlds

BioWare has released a brand new trailer as part of the Andromeda Initiative series of video tutorials for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and this time around we get to take a closer look at “Golden Worlds”

These Golden Worlds are seven different planets in the Helius Cluster that are referred to as Habitats, and serve as potential homeworlds in mankind’s mission to colonize the Andromeda Galaxy. Each of these planets are also vastly different from each other, and feature their own unique topography and climates, ranging from deserts to oceanic paradises.

And while the primary purpose of these Golden Worlds should be to sustain life, they should also be rich in natural resources and minerals that they can supply to both the Andromeda Initiative and it’s newly established colonies.

The more resources that the player manages to gather, the more upgrades they can unlock for the Nexus’s infrastructure, which in turn determines how many colonists can be awakened from their 600 year cryosleep.

You can learn more about Golden Worlds in the trailer above.


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