Lost Legacy Is Probably the Last Uncharted Adventure, Says Naughty Dog

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The last treasure hunt. For real this time.

Uncharted 4 may have been the last numbered entry in the franchise, but Naughty Dog is continuing the series with Lost Legacy. The new standalone title, which stars Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross instead of series protagonist Nathan Drake, was announced at the PlayStation Experience last December and had many wondering if the series would live on via side stories. According to Naughty Dog, the answer to that is going to be “no.”

While speaking with Game Informer for their cover story on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, co-president Evan Wells stated that the company doesn’t have some loophole in place to continue the franchise with supporting characters. “Doing an Uncharted after this is unlikely,” says Wells, who mentions that in addition to Last of Us Part II, the studio has other things that they wish to explore. While they really love the franchise, they’ve got “limited resources and lots of other ideas…If we magically had that two-team, three-team studio, sure – it’d be great to keep doing it.”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy comes to the PS4 later this year.

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