Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find the Death Stranding Easter Eggs

Death Stranding Easter Eggs – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn has proven to be a great game. It was developed on Guerrilla Games’ own Decima Engine, which happens to be the same engine that Kojima Productions is using for their upcoming title, Death Stranding. Because of the new team dynamic between the two studios, it’s not surprising that the team behind Horizon Zero Dawn included a few Easter Eggs for Kojima’s next release.

There are three in total and they allow you to trade for the Mysterious Box from the special vendor in Meridian. They’re scattered around the world and you won’t be able to access some until you reach certain points of the story, but they’re inclusion is cool. They show up in your inventory under special items with a silhouette of the Ludens, Kojima’s new logo, which is sweet.

Stranded  Necklace – “This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. Six tarnished Metal ingots threaded with a plain wire.”

This is the same necklace that Norman Reedus’ character can be seen wearing in the Death Stranding trailer. It can be found during the Grave-Hoard mission right after you enter, to the left of the first area (follow the wall) between two tanks. Just kill the enemies first.

Stranded Shackles – “This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. Shackles made from an unknown, smooth material.”

Remember the cuffs Norman Reedus has on at the beginning of the trailer, when he’s laying naked on the beach? These are those. You’ll find them in the Zero Dawn Facility behind the coliseum on the west side of the map. It will be in the room to the southwest of where you saw Elisabet Sobeck’s hologram.

Stranded Figure – “This mysterious item is valuable only to the most curious merchants. A battered idol of an infant, smelling faintly of decay.”

Guillermo Del Toro had a cameo in one of the Death Stranding trailers as he held a baby inside of a canister and hid from enemies. As he stood, a baby doll washed up to his feet. You can find that doll in the Eleuthia-9 facility which you gain access to late in the game (during the Heart of the Nora quest).

Those are all the Death Stranding easter eggs to find. For more on Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our wiki.

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