Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light Is Coming to Netflix and That Title Isn’t an April Fool’s Joke

Final Fantasy tv show

That’ll look weird in your Netflix queue.

You may vaguely remember a few months back when an oddly named TV drama was announced called, Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light. Believe it or not that’s the title of a real show being made, and yes, that show will be debuting worldwide on Netflix this year.

The show will be premiering on April 20 for Japanese subscribers, as well as broadcasting on the Japanese channels MBS and TBS on April 16. However, the show isn’t expected for western audiences until later this Fall. Somehow, it doesn’t look the name will be changing at any time either, and it’ll still be called Daddy of Light.

Of course, you may be wondering just why it has such a strange name, but there is a reason. Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light  is about a father and son who’s relationship grows and changes through their experiences together in the game. It’s a mostly live-action drama, although there will be a fair amount of time spent withing Final Fantasy XIV as well. The show was actually inspired by a real individuals blog, where he chronicles the experience he and his father have in the game. Take a look at the trailer below.

We’ll make sure to update you once there’s more information on Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light’s premiere date. You can also see the show’s opening theme down below.

Will you be checking out Daddy of Light when it hits Netflix? Let us know down in the comments.


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