Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Get the Splitleaf Greatsword

How to Get the Splitleaf Greatsword in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

With every new Dark Souls III DLC, players are given more and more weapons and armor to deal death with, and The Ringed City is no exception. One of the newest weapons available in this expansion is the Splitleaf Greatsword, which can be obtained quite early on. From the Dreg Heap bonfire, head outside and towards the edge where a pilgrim sits and stares out of the city. Talk to the Stone-humped hag and explain that you have business to conduct with her during your dialogue exchange. She will then open up her wares, allowing players to purchase a few items like embers or coins for their Dark Souls III: The Ringed City adventure.

One of these items is the Splitleaf Greatsword which can be purchased for a meager 11,000 Souls from this Dark Souls III vendor. The Splitleaf Greatsword will require players to have at least 26 points in Strength and 16 in Dexterity if they want to wield it. The Splitleaf Greatsword is the first new piece of gear you can acquire in The Ringed City, so if you want to use it make sure to stock up on Titanite pieces. The skill for this weapon is called Wind Wheel and allows players to spin the blade around them, causing area of effect damage.

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