Breath of the Wild Player Soars Across Most of the Map in One Jump

breath of the wild

And they don’t even use Revali’s Gale!

In Breath of the Wild, if you go to the top of the Hyrule Ridge Tower a man will be waiting there to issue you a paragliding challenge. The goal is to go as far as possible without ever letting your feet touch the ground.

One Breath of the Wild players gets pretty creative with the fire and bomb arrows, continually lighting fires in grassy ares so they can propel forward from the updrafts created.  So with over 300 fire arrows, 200 bomb arrows, and tons of stamina elixirs, most of the map of Hyrule gets covered in just one jump.

Over 20 minutes later and the final count is 7615.8 m, and what do they get for it? A stinkin’ silver rupee. Pretty sure the arrows, elixirs, and bows that were gone through to achieve this feat cost more than 100 rupees, but it’s still worth it.


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