6 Incredible, Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice in Breath of the Wild

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Shooting Stars

Incredible, Tiny Details in Breath of the Wild

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Hyrule is an absolute treat to explore whether it’s daylight or nighttime, thanks to the beautiful carefree visuals that feel synonymous with the tone of the game. However, that carefree nature doesn’t mean there aren’t some marvelous, tiny details to be found within the world. Here are just a few that really help bring Breath of the Wild’s world to life.

When you’re exploring at night, the vibrant colors of the environment are dimmed under the ambient lighting of the stars. This starlight ushers in a new sense of calm across the realm of Hyrule… until enemies start coming after you. Yet, if you look up into the night sky and keep your eyes peeled, it’s possible to see shooting stars darting across the sky leaving a trail of light in their stead across the sky.

It’s nothing huge, and it doesn’t always happen, but it’s these kinds of tiny details that help to make Breath of the Wild’s world feel alive and dynamic. Next time you’re Shrine hunting in the dark, do a bit of stargazing and soak up the tranquil atmosphere.

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