10 Reasons Why Breath of the Wild is the Best Zelda Game Ever

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Getting All Runes at the Beginning Opens Up the World to Players Immediately

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Magnesis

Because Breath of the Wild is such an open, non-linear game, gathering your items from one dungeon at a time would have made for a strange pacing and progression. Instead, in the Great Plateau, the game’s starting area, you are given access to four runes: bombs, Crynosis, Stasis, and Magnesis. They serve as the backbone for every puzzle in the game and world exploration.

Even without receiving a new tool every couple of hours the game still manages to feel fresh thanks to the varied uses of each one of these runes. Receiving them right off the bat also allows for plenty of practice time. By the time you’re 50 hours in, you’ll know exactly how to wield these technological marvels.

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