5 Entertaining Nintendo Switch Launch Games to Play that Aren’t Zelda

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the first consoles in a long time to come included with a second controller. Snipperclips is one of those games that takes great advantage of the multiplayer-friendly hybrid console that is the Switch. Snipperclips is a super cute puzzle game that makes use of a very unique snipping mechanic that lets you cut your buddy into different shapes. This co-operative downloadable title is playable with up to four players and provides hours of fun with your friends.

Each stage drops you into these scenarios that require hard thinking and good communication between your partner(s) to solve. You can cut your partner into whatever shapes that you need to figure out the problem that the level throws at you. When you’re constantly dying in Breath of the Wild, go take a little break, grab a friend, and download Snipperclips over on the eShop.

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