15 Same-Sex Ships in Video Games that Might as Well Be Canon

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Lara Croft/Sam Nishimura (Tomb Raider)


One of the newer ships on the sea has caused a bit of controversy in the Tomb Raider fandom. Mainly, there had been no evidence of Lara ever having lesbian tendencies in the previous games. With the latest installment, however, fans have had a blast connecting the gorgeous adventure heroine and the newcomer to the series, best friend Sam Nishimura. While the overall evidence for the pairing is hit or miss, we found an analysis that takes on a non-biased stance on Lara’s own feelings. It’s true that there are fans of the series that hope Lara’s love life to become a focal point, however it is nice to know that she’s developed a relationship with someone, whether it be platonic or romantic.

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