ZeniMax Wins Half Billion Lawsuit Against Oculus, May Look to Halt Rift Sales


For the past couple of years, ZeniMax has been in the middle of a lawsuit with Oculus after the former accused the latter of infringing on copyrights and trademarks, with computer code said to have formed the basis for the Rift software. Earlier today, they were the victors in that case, winning half a billion dollars in the court battle.

That, however, doesn’t mean that ZeniMax is done. Speaking with a Polygon, a spokesperson for the company said that their next move may possibly be an injunction to momentarily stop Oculus Rift headsets from being sold. The spokesperson stated: ““We will consider what further steps we need to take to ensure there will be no ongoing use of our misappropriated technology, including by seeking an injunction to restrain Oculus and Facebook from their ongoing use of computer code that the jury found infringed ZeniMax’s copyrights.”

Oculus has yet to respond on the matter with ZeniMax, save for mentioning that they were planning to appeal the case.

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