Pokemon GO Discounts Storage Upgrades Ahead of New Pokemon Coming This Week

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Gotta upgrade it all!

Pokemon GO will be slashing the price on Pokemon Storage upgrades for a limited time, developer Niantic announced through the official Pokemon GO Twitter account.

Starting “afternoon PST time” from Feb. 16 to Feb. 28, Pokemon Storage upgrades will be 50% off from 200 to 100 PokeCoins. The in-game store sells 100 PokeCoins for $0.99 in real world currency. Every player starts with a default 250 slots and each storage upgrade gives 50 more slots, up to a maximum 1,000 Pokemon to hold. Reaching the maximum will cost $15 during the limited time sale.

This discount is to make way for 80 new Pokemon coming this week. The new Pokemon include creatures from the Johto region found in the Pokemon Gold and Silver games, while new evolutionary items can be found at PokeStops to extend the evolution of some original Pokemon. The update also includes new berries, new avatars with expanded customization options, and a twist on encounters that cause Pokemon to react in new ways when trying to catch them.


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