This Overwatch Pharah and McCree Combo Boost Is a High Noon Game Changer

Overwatch, mccree, pharah, high noon, boost, combo

Cute spray here I come.

If you’ve been struggling to get that McCree cute spray in Overwatch, then this Pharah/McCree skill combo is sure to make your life easier.

For those of you who don’t know, Overwatch characters have the fun, hidden skill of being able to stand on the enemies heads. Overwatch player Nguyễn Thành Long combined this trick with a little bit of creative thinking to allow McCree to get a little vertical boost so his High Noon hits the enemy team like justice raining from above.

After climbing onto Pharah, McCree is able to use his High Noon ultimate to wipe out five enemy players easy as pie while Pharah simply uses her hovering passive ability to raise him for a height boost.

If this boost move catches on, can we all agree that its tag name should be High Noon rains from above?



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