Overwatch PC Players Can Buy Loot Boxes with WoW Gold, So You Can Blizzard While You Blizzard

Yo, dawg.

In Overwatch, you can buy loot boxes to get a new highlight intro, skin, spray, or what have you. If you keep playing the game, you can just buy boxes with credits, get them upon leveling up, or just fork over real life money for them. Now, Blizzard is introducing a fourth option into the mix: WoW (World of Warcraft) gold.

Thanks to WoW’s Token function, you can convert the game’s currency into currency. That currency can in turn be used across all Blizzard games, including Overwatch. So if you don’t feel like doing any one of the three options above to get loot boxes, you can do this and save yourself the hassle of putting in your credit card information or playing game after game.

Given that World of Warcraft is only on PC, this trick only applies to the PC version of Overwatch. Sorry, console players, you’ll just have to keep grinding for loot boxes. You can read more about Blizzard’s explanation for how it works here.

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