Nioh: How to Get the Best Crafting Materials and Resources

Best Crafting Materials and Resources – Nioh

In Nioh, the weapons and armor you forge at the Blacksmith are only as good as the resources that you pour into it. More often than not, you’re going to want to make use of your rare purple resources to forge equipment in order to stand the best chance at crafting purple gear. Purple resources are the best crafting materials in the game and are pretty hard to come by. There are a couple of ways that will allow you to gather normal purple resources quickly, however.

Disassembling purple gear: If you’ve been farming Revenants, chances are that you probably have a bunch of purple gear you can’t use or are not interested in using. Disassembling these at the Blacksmith will net you three purple resources corresponding to the type of gear you’re dismantling. These are some of the best crafting materials in Nioh.

Material conversion: You can forge your own materials as well. By disassembling white, blue, and yellow gear, you’ll get less valuable parts which can be converted into purple resources at the Blacksmith. A good way to get rid of all that junk you’re carrying around and get some of the best crafting materials in the game.

Aside from basic resources, there are also some unique pieces of resources that can only be obtained through missions and enemy drops. Here are the ones we know of so far:

  • Demon’s Horn: Dropped by the Oni monsters.
  • Writing Tongue: Reward from Twilight missions.
  • Bangasa Rib: Found in Twilight mission “An Ominous Cave.”
  • Nue’s Claw: Dropped by Nue.
  • Hank of Yokai Hair: Found in Twilight mission “An Ominous Cave.”
  • Ogress Claw: Dropped by the Ogress.
  • Raven Tengu Feather: Dropped by Raven Tengu.
  • White Tiger Fur: Found in Twilight mission “The Best and the Worst.”
  • Eyestone of the Umi-bozu: Dropped by Umi-bozu.
  • Leg Husk of the Spider: Dropped by Jorugumo.
  • Gargantuan Tail Bone: Reward from Twilight missions.

That’s all you need to know about getting the best crafting materials in Nioh.

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