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5 Mysterious Overwatch Characters That Could be the Next Hero


5 Mysterious Overwatch Characters That Could be the Next Hero

We could always use more heroes.

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These Two

Who’s the Next Overwatch Character?


When Ana was revealed as a playable character in Overwatch, Blizzard put out an animated character trailer for her. During the trailer, we got a “family photo,” of sorts–a young Pharah and Ana, surrounded by members of the titular organization. There’s Jack and Reyes before the accident, Reinhardt, McCree, Mercy, and Torbjorn, along with two other characters that we’ll nickname Mohawk Man and Jacket Girl.

We currently know nothing about either of them–not their names, abilities, or even if they’re alive. Mohawk Man may possibly have been in the holiday comic, when Soldier 76 is gazing longingly at a picture of him standing side by side with someone. As for Jacket Girl, that’s a total mystery. It’s possible that she’s Mirembe, who is currently alive and seen briefly at the end of Winston’s Recall trailer. Whoever they end up being, we definitely want them to join the cast, mostly because their outfits are pretty sweet.

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