13 Legendary GameCube Games We Need to See on the Switch Eventually

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Super Mario Sunshine

GameCube Games We Need to See on a Switch Virtual Console


Since Super Mario 64 moved the portly plumber into the third dimension and gave him a new set of moves and worlds to explore, 3D Mario games have consistently tried to reinvent the franchise in some way. Super Mario Sunshine changed things up with the FLOOD pack. This handy water-powered jetpack meant that levels could evolve, being about more than just jumping and stomping enemies into oblivion.

Sunshine also introduced players to the sunny Isle Delfino. Just running around the island and learning to master the various modes of the FLOOD was fun enough, but the beautifully designed levels were all a joy to adventure through. Nintendo never returned to the jetpacking whimsy of Super Mario Sunshine, but a GameCube virtual console port would make more of the main 3D Mario titles accessible to those who pick up a Switch.

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