Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 Pro 60fps Patch Brings About its Fair Share of Technical Issues

Final Fantasy XV

It’s a lose-lose situation.

Final Fantasy XV received its update 1.05 just yesterday, and with it came the PS4 Pro 60fps patch that promised a smoother gameplay experience for Pro users. However, as Digital Foundry has found out, the patch actually introduces some technical problems that makes the experience worse in some cases.

First, it’s looking a lot like the game is largely unable to reach 60 frames per second even with the patch. Digital Foundry has reported a performance of around 45 frames per second. This is for the game’s Lite mode, which prioritizes performance over visuals. On the other hand, the game’s High mode, which previously prioritized visuals over performance and locked the game at 30fps, seems to be performing worse than before.

With the new patch, High mode locks the frame rate to 30fps, but the frame delivery has been reported to be rather jerky and simply isn’t as smooth as it had been before. At this point, the better option seems to be Lite mode, where you’ll at least get a more consistent frame rate with slightly worse graphics.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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