Dirt Rally DLC Gives PS4 Players the Ability to Play the Entire Game in VR

The PS4 version of Codemasters’ racer Dirt Rally has been given a DLC expansion that adds support for PSVR, along with a few other additions.

This update is unique in that in that allows for the entire game to played in VR. Other games like Driveclub have relegated VR to focused, separate releases, whereas this simply opens up the entire game for PSVR. The DLC costs $13.

Something else which this DLC adds to Dirt Rally is co-op. In this mode, one player uses PSVR to drive, while the other player uses the screen to act as the co-driver. This sounds like an excellent use of VR and of the other people in the room – it’s nice to see creative ways around the idea that VR is a solitary experience.

If you’re playing on a PS4 Pro, then you will have visual enhancements for the VR mode. These enhancements aren’t present in the standard game however; playing on the Pro will be an identical experience to playing on the standard PS4.

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