Ever Wanted Your Characters in Fire Emblem Heroes to Have Demonic Voices? There’s a Glitch That’s Doing Just That

The voices are saying, ” buy more orbs or die.”

One of the cool features that Fire Emblem Heroes has is the ability to listen to any of your character’s speak. There’s voices for Marth, Ike, Roy, and all of the other heroes that are available in the game.

The voice acting is pretty fantastic and brings out the character’s personalities for the most part. But some players are running into one of the most horrible of glitches that are making the heroes of Fire Emblem sound like they’re possessed by demons and evil spirits.

Here are some videos of players running into the issue that Kotaku has managed to round up. If you’re wearing headphones, be careful.


Have any of you ran into a glitch as disastrous as this one? Let us know if you’re still okay after watching that glitch in action by commenting below.


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