The Best Street Fighter Games of All Time, According to Metacritic

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Street Fighter V – Metacritic Score: 75.5

The Best Street Fighter Games of All Time


The latest addition to the Street Fighter family turned out to not be the best Street Fighter game there is. Street Fighter V was beat out by its older siblings in terms of Metacritic reviews, but it also still received its fair share of praise. Street Fighter V’s game mechanics managed to win critics over while also adding a more widespread appeal. Out of all the Street Fighter games, Street Fighter V seems to be one of the most welcoming to newcomers who are looking for a flashy brawler.

Unfortunately, there is a stark contrast between Street Fighter V’s average of 75.5 out of 100 across all platforms from critics and it’s feeble 3.4 out of 10 that it received from users. While Street Fighter V did a great job of fine tuning its controls and buttons, it completely missed the mark on adding a variety of game modes, featuring a more interesting story to play through, and ensuring the final game actually felt like a finished product.

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