Heartbroken Over Persona 5? Good Thing Amazon Is Sending Out Delay Reminders Today

Welcome to the heartbreak hotel.

Oh, Persona 5. At one point, you were supposed to come out on today, Valentine’s Day. Then you had to go and get delayed and break all of our hearts. To say we were disappointed would be underselling it: we were heartbroken. But alas, even though today is the worst example of “what could’ve been,” we’ve moved on and persevered. Or rather, we would be, if it weren’t for Amazon sticking a knife in our guts and twisting it.

See, if you pre-ordered Persona 5 through the big retailer, you may have gotten an email over the weekend about how your order was still on track to arrive today. “Okay, well that’s a little mean, Amazon,” you may have thought. But then they had to go and be even more extra by sending out emails (either yesterday or right now) that the game had been delayed. If you just woke up from a coma, this is news to you, but otherwise, this isn’t a brand new delay, they’re just incredibly slow with their updates. We’ve confirmed it ourselves with a writer who received an email earlier today from Amazon.

Persona 5 is still on track to release on the PS4 and PS3 on Apr. 4. In the meantime, celebrate the occasion with this Valentines generator from Atlus, then cry at the irony of it all.

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