Wendy’s Would Like You to Know it Mains D.Va

Overwatch, D.VA, Wendy's

Wendy’s will have to start carrying Mountain Dew.

If a fast-food restaurant could play Overwatch, who would it main? Although some may take some speculation – i.e. McDonald’s would probably play Roadhog – one major fast food establishment has taken to Twitter to express their love for a certain 19-year old, StarCraft playing Overwatch member.

It’s true, Wendy’s mains D.Va according to a conversation on the company’s Twitter.

Overwatch’s Twitter account responded with an enthusiastic D.Va dancing emote, suggesting they are happy with Wendy’s bubblegum pink tank choice.

There was a rumor going around for a while that Mei was a contender for Wendy’s Overwatch main, but since they are pushing their “Fresh, Never Frozen” campaign she was dropped to maintain a non-ice image.


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