The 5 Worst Kinds of Trophies and Achievements that are Just Infuriating to Get

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One of the best aspects of trophy/achievement hunting is being able to take time to do side activities or explore the world when you normally wouldn’t. However, if you want to earn all that digital bling, some developers make you throw caution to the wind and speed through a game as fast as humanly possible. The most recent example of this frustrating task comes from The Last Guardian’s Lighting Emissary trophy which asks users to finish the title in under three hours.

While difficulty and virtual rewards go hand in hand, speedrunning a game is just needlessly annoying. In order to unlock this trophy, players either need to follow a pre-made guide to a T or have an insane knowledge of the game’s layout, puzzles, and enemies so they can breeze right by them. This aggravation is only enhanced by the fact that Trico will sometimes arbitrarily decide not to listen to commands. Sorry big guy, but we are on the clock right now and we’d really enjoy having this trophy in our collection.

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