Tak Fujii Doesn’t Think VR Gaming Is All That and a Bag of Chips

Tak Fujii, Twitter, Rant, VR

Tak Fujii’s Twitter feed is gold.

As a previous Konami producer and beloved internet celebrity (after his hilarious presentation at E3 2010 for Ninety-Nine Nights II), Tak Fujii has some words to say about the VR industry.

Taking to Twitter, Fujii states after the holidays he has played his share of VR, and despite his Twitter bio reading “VR lover”, he has some criticisms.

Fujii wraps up his rant with some solid advice for the industry, besides including a portable toilet with every purchase.

Fujii does have a point, some players do have a serious issue with motion sickness while trying out VR, making the idea of a 50+ hour RPG styled game seem completely unrealistic for them on the platform.

Let’s all just agree Fujii should make his own VR game next, yes?


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