Skyrim Is Finally Switch Confirmed, Bethesda Excited to Work With Nintendo

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Todd Howard is just happy to be here.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard made an appearance at Nintendo’s Switch event, excited to announce that yes, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Though players have been worried the title would be truncated or handicapped in some way on the platform, Howard didn’t mention any details on gameplay, graphics, or otherwise. He did say, however, that Bethesda is excited to finally work with Nintendo, a company that’s brought innovation to the gaming industry again and again. Howard thanked Nintendo for letting Bethesda be a part of this chapter, and then peaced out.

We’ll keep you updated should any additional gameplay or release date details arise. Until then, be sure to check out more Switch coverage on Twinfinite, including the stories below.


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