Resident Evil 7: How to Get and Use the Dirty Coin From the Beginning Hour Demo

Resident Evil 7 – Getting the Dirty Coin

If you played the Beginning Hour demo from start to finish and managed to solve the cryptic murder puzzles, you’ll be awarded an item called the Dirty Coin. Capcom previously stated that the Coin could be carried over to the final game, and it would give you a bit of an advantage early on.

In Resident Evil 7, you can obtain your earned Dirty Coin as soon as you unlock the first save room in the game. After finding the save room in the main house of the Baker residence, check the item box in the corner to get the Dirty Coin. If you pre-ordered the game, your additional items can be located inside the box as well. The Coin can be used to open various boxes and cages found around the game’s world. These will open up to give you special items and upgrades that will help to make your journey easier. As the Coins aren’t too easy to come by in the main game, grabbing the Dirty Coin from the Beginning Hour demo will provide you with a handy early advantage.

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