Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controller Has Motion Sensing and Vibration Capabilities

Very… handy.

During Nintendo’s Switch presentation, we were given a much closer and detailed look at the tiny Joy-Con controllers. First up, it was revealed that these would be available in different colors. More interestingly, however, it was also stated that the controllers would have motion sensors, and enable us to play motion-heavy games like virtual tennis, just like with the Wii and Wii U.

In addition to that, the Joy-Con controllers also have sensing capabilities that can detect how far away an object is from the controller itself. Nintendo also mentioned that the Joy-Con can read whether your hands are in a rock, paper, or scissors gesture. To go even further, apparently the Joy-Con also has the ability to tell how many ice cubes have fallen into a glass, as well as how much water has been poured into it. These cool tech mechanics will likely be employed for various in-game mechanics for whatever titles the company has planned for the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is set to be released on March 3, and will be priced at $299. We’ll keep you updated as more info from Nintendo’s livestream presentation comes our way. Let us know your thoughts on the console in the comments down below.

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