New Hidden Voice Lines Highlight Overwatch Heroes’ New Year’s Resolutions

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“My new year’s resolution? New skates for all the kids in the neighborhood!”

If you’ve been playing Overwatch for the past few days, you’ve no doubt been checking out the game’s newest map, Oasis. It’s great to see the second additional map finally make it into the game, but it turns out Oasis wasn’t the only thing added to the game in Tuesday’s patch.

If you’re listening to your characters voice line that plays when they first arrive on a map, you might have already heard one of the several new voice lines of heroes spouting their 2017 new years resolution. Reddit user DeadGirlDreaming heard them too, and mined each one they could find from the game’s files for our listening pleasure. Check them out.

Zarya: 513

Zarya: Peace on Earth

Pharah: Take some time off

Lucio: New skates for all the kids in the neighborhood

Winston: Less peanut butter…more bananas

Mei: Controlling my temper

Reaper: This wasn’t a good year for you

Yea, that last one is either a subtle dig at the trashfire year that was 2016 or perhaps just Reaper being the edgelord he is. Or very possibly both. DeadGirlDreaming notes that this is not all of the voice lines (it seems that every hero has one), but they have yet to find them when searching through Overwatch’s directories.


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