Logan’s New Trailer is Bloody and Makes Little Kids Scarier Than They Already Are

There’s still time.

After quite some time without any new footage to sink our claws into, a new trailer for Fox’s Logan has arrived. Instead of going with a softer and more subdued feel, this one goes all out on the action and establishing that little kids are scary, man. Violent, quick, scary little creatures.

Set in 2024, the film follows Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, now an old man taking care of Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier. Trouble soon finds them both when a little girl named Laura (who comic fans will recognize as X-23, the current Wolverine) needs to be protected by bad men who no doubt have not so noble intentions for her. Especially considering that she has claws like Logan and isn’t afraid to use them. Considering that Fox has already committed to this movie having an R-rating, you can expect those claws to be used a lot.

Logan slices its way to theaters on Mar. 3.

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