Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Trailer is All About Tribes and Machines

Of the many things that we’ve seen from Horizon Zero Dawn over the last few months, story hasn’t really been one of them. All we truly know is that we’ll be in the role of Aloy, a young woman in the near future where humanity is split off into different tribes across the globe and robotic beasts roam the land. The new trailer gives us more indications as to how the story will play out come February.

When mysterious masked men come into Aloy’s tribe and launch an attack, she takes it upon herself to find the killers and learn what just their deal is. Doing so means meeting other tribes and characters, including an “interested party” played by Lance Reddick. Given that these men can also apparently control the machine beasts and have their eyes set on attacking other tribes, Aloy’s definitely going to need the help.

Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on the PS4 on Feb. 28.

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