Deadly Premonition Creator Swery65 Opens New Development Studio White Owls

A new beginning for Zach.

Swery65 left Access Games a few months ago, marking the end of any hope fans had of receiving a season 2 for D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. However, Swery isn’t done with video game just yet. The developer has opened his very own studio, called White Owls Inc.

According to the official website’s description, the small studio is dedicated to “creating completely unique things that no one’s ever seen before.” There’s also a reason behind the company’s peculiar name.

‘Deep meaning exists in the name ‘White Owls.’

In Ancient Greece, owls were called sages of the forest, and thought to be servants of Athena (Minerva), the goddess of wisdom.

Their eyes can pierce the darkness, and their ears can hear sound in 3D. Their wings allow them to silently catch their prey, and their powerful claws can effortlessly tear through even the toughest of bodies. There is also an Albino species of owl clad in sheer white fur which possesses an especially mystical quality.

We at White Owls hope to keep growing until we can someday evolve into a similar type of mystical entity.’

We don’t have any details on what new projects White Owls is working on at the moment, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more info comes our way.


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