Yacht Club Games is Working on a Non-Shovel Knight Game for 2017, May Be an RPG

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Yacht Club Games has announced on its official Twitter account that they will start working on another project in 2017. The developer originally gained recognition with the release of of their hit indie game, Shovel Knight, back in 2014.

No details such as what type of game was given, but in a reply they did say they would like to try an RPG. The announcement doesn’t entirely come as a surprise, since the company has posted a survey before asking what type of games fans would like to see in the future.

That survey included several hit games such as Zelda, Mega Man, and Metroid which were used as examples to see what type of game would be more popular among fans. The survey also included several games relating to the Shovel Knight franchise, but the developer has already mentioned that this would be a new IP.

Yacht Club Games has continued to stay busy, despite Shovel Knight being released three years ago, with the release of the Plague of Shadows campaign back in 2015. Their next release will be Specter of Torment, which is expected to be out this spring for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Mac and the Switch.


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