Check Out this Expensive Glass of Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Wine


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise. Square Enix is celebrating the occasion with announcements for the future of the franchise, but this one just may take the cake. For you see, if you’re a diehard lover of the franchise, you’ll want to know that they’re putting out wine and crystal glasses, just to add to the elegance of it all.

The wine is a thirty-year old bottle of Chateau Meyney red wine, plus a pair of glasses with crystals from Swarovski and the words Final Fantasy inscribed on them. It’s pretty fancy, right? There’s no better way to celebrate a momentous milestone than by going all out, naturally, and this will certainly do it for you. However, it’s worth noting two things: first of all, it won’t arrive until the end of October. And second, the whole set–meaning the wine and the glasses–all comes down to 108,000 yen, or $950. If you want it, it’s in limited quantity, so best to get it while the getting’s good.

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