The Bundled Switch Grip Won’t Charge Your Joy-Con Controllers, But You Can Buy One That Does

Nintendo Switch, Joy-Con

An additional cost to factor in.

If you were hoping that you’d be able to charge your Joy-Con controllers while they were in that stylish grip you get in the box, think again. You’ll have to pay a little bit extra if you want the privilege.

The official Nintendo website states the contents of what comes in the box, with the Charging Grip noticeable absent. Alongside the console, dock, left and right Joy-Con controllers, HDMI, and AC adapter is a standard Joy-Con grip. This is simply a standard plastic shell to allow you to use the two Joy-Con as a more traditional sort of controller. The Charging Grip, however, is something listed as an optional extra a little further down the page.

Coming in at $29.99, the Joy-Con Charging Grip allows you to keep playing while charging up. Otherwise, players will have to charge up the Joy-Con while they are attached to the Nintendo Switch itself. However, this becomes problematic for those players wanting to use the Joy-Con when the Switch is docked to the TV.

Fortunately, the Joy-Con do have up to a 20-hour battery life according to the Nintendo Japan site, making this a little less problematic unless you intend to use them even longer than this without taking a break. Though this can decrease over time as is the case with most rechargeable batteries.

Will you be picking up one of the Charging Grips? Let us know down in the comments below.

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