Indulge in Some Persona 5 Music With this New 10-Minute Soundtrack Sample

Atlus has released a new YouTube video which showcases 10 minutes of music from the upcoming RPG, Persona 5. Unfortunately the video only has snippets of a select few tracks, as the official soundtrack is not out for audiences in the West just yet.

The video has 12 different songs spread throughout, starting with “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There,” followed by “Life Will Change,” “Rivers in the Desert,” “The Whims of Fate,” “Last Surprise,” “Will Power,” “Beneath the Mask,” “Price,” “Layer Cake,” “Kakusei,” “Blooming Villain,” and “Our Beginning.”

A majority of the music does follow that upbeat style and strong bass that Persona 5 has come to be known for in most of its trailers, but there are a few that follow a more rock genre, and there are even some sparse notes of jazz, funk, and classical in some of the songs. Fans should be able to find the songs throughout sites like YouTube, but nothing so far from Atlus other than this sample.

Persona 5 is currently already out for those in Japan, but will see release on April 4 for the West, after being originally being delayed for three months. The game will be available for fans on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3.


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