Mass Effect Andromeda Updates, No Cross-Play and PC Version with Uncapped Frame Rate

Mass Effect Andromeda

BioWare developers answer fans via Twitter.

The release of Mass Effect Andromeda is looming and as we gear up for its March 21 release, several BioWare developers have been answering questions from fans.

A report via DualShockers has rounded up some of the social media drip feeds. One of the more significant pieces of information came from Producer Fernando Melo: he confirmed that the game will not support cross-play functionality in its multiplayer mode. He then went on to confirm that the multiplayer component for Mass Effect Andromeda will be peer-to-peer. This was the same case with Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect

Also confirmed was that the game will run on PC with an uncapped frame rate – always nice for PC players. This isn’t so much of a surprise as earlier this month BioWare GM Aaron Flynn had said this would be the case on NeoGAF.

There were further updates on aspects such as romance options, and Flynn also teased that further characters, specifically in the form of available squad mates, would be revealed. He didn’t go into any detail on when, simply saying “soon.”

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