Nintendo’s Switch Will Allow You To Share Screenshots With Friends

Nintendo Switch


With Nintendo’s Switch event in full swing, consumers finally got a chance to get a detailed look at the new controller. While the two sides of this new controller, dubbed the Joy-Cons, feature the usual X,Y,A,B buttons there are a few new additions. One of which is a square button on the in the bottom left corner of the right Joy-Con that will allow users to take in-game screenshots.

This new social feature will give players the chance to share captured events with their friends via the online platform also announced this evening. However, the Joy-Con will also feature a gyroscopic sensor that allows for players to use motion controls. This can be held vertically or horizontally like a a Wii controller and used to game locally.

Nintendo is also be bringing amiibo functionality to the Switch, which will be activated on the right Joy-Con by simply tapping an amiibo base to the controller. The Joy-Cons are a mash of a variety of different Nintendo controllers and seems to embraced the best aspects of every console generation.

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