Xbox Head Phil Spencer Speaks out Against Console-Exclusive Content in Third Party Games

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Admits Microsoft is guilty of it as well.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to criticize the practice of third-party developers selling the marketing rights and exclusive content for their games to the highest bidder, though he admitted that Microsoft is just as guilty in this as anyone. Spencer stated that he feels that content should be available to gamers on all platforms, regardless of what console they’re playing on.

Some gamers were quick to point out that this is something Microsoft has been a part of in the past with games like Titanfall, Mafia III, and Call of Duty, but Spencer was quick to agree.

Phil Spencer did point out that timed Xbox exclusive games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dead Rising 4 don’t count as they were published by Microsoft.

It’s nice to see the head of an industry be vocal in their support for games and content to not be exclusive to certain platforms, but we can understand why, initially, some felt that was a little hypocritical given Microsoft’s past dealing. Wouldn’t it be great if, in the future, all games were available on all platforms? We can but dream.

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