The Last of Us Part II Puts Us in Ellie’s Shoes, and Her Actress Actually Sang That Trailer Song

Through the valley.

After the surprise announcement of the Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog didn’t cut the news off there. They also had a panel at the PlayStation Experience that went more into the game, and let’s start with first things first: Ellie is the player character this time instead of Joel. Set five years after the original, players will be taking control of the 19-year-old young woman as she goes on a quest to “kill every single last one of them.” When asked if we’d be splitting time between Ellie and Joel, it was said that she’s the star and plays “differently” than Joel, though the details on that were scarce.

The panel, with Last of Us Part II stars Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson and director Neil Druckmann, talked about the trailer and the sequel. When asked about Ellie’s shaking hand in the sequel, Johnson had to be incredibly cryptic, saying that she’s “gone through some shit” in the past couple of years before ending it there to avoid spoilers. The scene where Ellie sings (performed by Johnson herself) the Sean James song “Through the Valley” was sent to Johnson two years ago. While Druckmann considered it “beautiful,” he also thought that it was too good, and brought someone on for her to sing worse to perfectly reflect Ellie’s roughness.

Last of Us Part II comes to the PS4 in the near future, but not for a good amount of time.

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