Telltale’s Walking Dead: A New Frontier Won’t Be Coming to Last Gen at All

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Telltale’s Walking Dead series started out on the last generation of consoles with the PS3 and Xbox 360 before migrating over to the PS4 and Xbox One. For last gen players, season two will be the last season they’ll get to play on those systems, as the third season (titled A New Frontier) will be strictly on current gen systems. This includes both the digital and disc formats of the game.

For those of you who’ve played Walking Dead on an old gen system, but want to import their choices, Telltale’s got your back on that front. There’s a way to migrate your saves from your old system to your new one, and to start, you’ll need to download a patch for Season Two on the original platform. Once the patch is downloaded, you can upload your story progress that way, all you’ll need is a free Telltale account. If you have Season Two and A New Frontier on the same system, we’ve got a guide for how you can handle importing your save.

Telltale’s Walking Dead: A New Frontier will arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, mobile, and PC on Dec. 20 with a two-part episode.

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