7 Reasons Why Super Mario Run is the Best Idea Nintendo Has Had in Years

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The Start of Something New

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is finally out in the wild, marking the first time that one of Nintendo’s treasured characters has made their way onto a mobile device (officially, that is). It’s a big step for a company that has historically been very against putting their franchises on platforms other than their own. Mario’s debut on iOS has led Nintendo to change some of the nimble plumber’s fundamentals, leading to an incredibly smart project that sets the stage for Nintendo’s future efforts in the mobile space.

Nintendo has been very smart about how they move Mario to a platform without buttons, adding in modes and features that suit the game and the platform it will be running on. Super Mario Run isn’t just a simple port of a New Super Mario Bros. game, it’s an entirely new project and one of the best ideas Nintendo has had in recent years.

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