Tragedy and Heartbreak Are Imminent in Sherlock: Season 4 Trailer

Don’t call him Shirley.

A new trailer for Sherlock: Season 4 has been released by the BBC, providing us with a glimpse of the darkness that is to come.

In the brief teaser clocking in at just under 50 seconds, we see a lot of the mystery and intrigue that has made Sherlock a hit from the start. It seems as though the titular mister Holmes must come to face his deepest, darkest secrets, turning him into a noticeably more frightened detective.

Besides an appearance of Toby Jones, who will be playing a yet unconfirmed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle villain in this season’s second episode, the trailer’s biggest mystery comes from its very last shot.

With John Watson and Mycroft Holmes standing behind him, Sherlock confesses his love to an unseen character. Maybe Irene Adler, or perhaps Molly Hooper? Only time will tell!

Sherlock: Season 4 kicks off on the BBC come January 1, 2017, ensuring a mindful start to the New Year. Tragedy and Heartbreak Are Imminent in the Sherlock: Season 4 TrailerTragedy and Heartbreak Are Imminent in the Sherlock: Season 4 Trailer

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