No Plans for Super Mario Run DLC as Nintendo’s Stocks Continue to Fall

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run comes to a full stop.

Super Mario Run will not be receiving downloadable content in the near future, as investors’ disappointment by early sales and reviews dropped Nintendo’s stock price today.

A Nintendo spokesperson said to The Wall Street Journal that “the company didn’t plan to release additional content, either free or paid.” This would assume to be extra levels or new game modes because the game did receive new content today, but was only cosmetic, festive items to decorate the Mushroom Kingdom and celebrate the holidays.

Nintendo shares fell about 7% in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, following a five-day streak where the stock has fallen more than 16%. Expectations were high on the game after the recent success of Pokemon GO, but Super Mario Run’s “high” price does not compare to a free to play game with small, optional microtransactions. Pokemon GO was developed by Niantic, and the studio continues to improve and update the game.

Super Mario Run is a free download that offers the first three levels before prompting an in-app purchase of $9.99 to unlock the rest of the game. It includes World Tour mode with 24 levels, Toad Rally mode that is meant to be played repeatedly, and Kingdom Builder mode where the player can rebuild Mushroom Kingdom by collecting Toads earned through Toad Rally. The game is available on iOS devices, and will come to Android sometime in 2017.


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