Nintendo Announces Super Nintendo World as Full Name for Their Theme Parks

nintendo theme park


A few weeks, Nintendo had announced that they’d be launching a trio of theme parks in Tokyo, Orlando, and Hollywood, and now we’ve got a full title. It’ll appropriately be titled Super Nintendo World. Not much else has been revealed in terms of details, but all we currently know is that it’ll launch before the 2020 Olympics that’ll be held in Tokyo.

Unfortunately for us Americans, it’ll be a while before we get a Super Nintendo World of our own. While two are scheduled to be released in Orlando and Hollywood, they’ll be coming after the one in Japan releases. If there’ll be any differences between the two theme parks, such as rides, shops, and restaurants, it hasn’t been said yet, but we’ll let you know. It’s gonna be a long wait before we get any big news on Super Nintendo World’s rides, so we came up with a list of ones that we’d like to see when it releases.

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